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Medical Wellness & Healing Applications

Motivation for a health-conscious lifestyle ...

Classic massage
The application is especially for the prevention and treatment of tension and hardening of the muscles, for better blood flow to the skin and for relaxation with simultaneous vitalization of the whole person.

Partial massage (back, 20min): 20,00 €
Full massage (back & arms or legs, 30min): 29,00 €
Full body massage (60min): 58,00 €


Natural Moor Pack (Moor Pillow)
Deep heat dissolves muscle tension and hardening, stimulates the metabolism and leads to general well-being. We recommend the pack directly before or after a massage treatment.

20 minutes: 18,00 €


Food reflexology
Foot reflexology uses the reflexology principle, with each of the 68 zones in the foot associated with specific organs and body areas. By pressure and irritation of nerve end points on the foot, a positive effect in the form of relaxation, pain relief and disease healing can be achieved on the whole organism.

30 minutes: 35,00 €

Massage according to Dr. med. Marnitz
The key zone massage is suitable for relieving tension in the body and relieving everyday stress. Furthermore, the special massage method helps to awaken the spirits in the case of lack of energy and depressive moods.

30 minutes: 35,00 €

Tibetan energy massage
The "KuNye" (tib.) Is an energy point and relaxation massage and is one of the most important outer therapies of the traditional. It has its origins in the monasteries of Tibet. Through gentle strokes along the meridians and chakras, this gentle massage harmonizes and promotes body energy and emotional balance. Holistic well-being and deep relaxation are achieved.

30 minutes: 35,00 €
45 minutes: 45,00 €

Cosmetic lymphatic drainage
It is a gentle, targeted massage technique that makes the lymphatic fluid flow and stimulates the metabolism. It removes congestion and waste from the tissue and activates the self-regulatory forces. In addition, it ensures a radiant, firm appearance of the skin.

30 minutes: 35,00 €
45 minutes: 45,00 €

Ear candle treatment
The effect of the ear candles is based on a kind of "fireplace effect". It is a traditional Indian remedy for the treatment of ear pain, headache, ear noises, sinusitis and ear cleansing.

30 minutes: 35,00 €


After the ear candling treatment, we recommend the BrainLight Shiatsu health program "Tackling Tinnitus".

40 minutes: 20,00 €