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Balm for body and soul ...


relaxation massage

The massage with rhythmic and slow movements is used solely for rest and stress reduction. At the same time, blood circulation and metabolism in the skin and muscles are stimulated.


Partial massage (back, 20min): 20,00 €

Full massage (back & arms or legs, 30min): 29,00 €

Full body massage (60min): 58,00 €



Aromatherapy massage

Essential oils and gentle movements relieve stress, elevate mood and invigorate health. Depending on the active ingredient, the massages are relaxing or stimulating.


Partial massage (back, 20min): 23,00 €

Full massage (back & arms or legs, 30min): 35,00 €

Full body massage (60min): 65,00 €



Hot Stones Massage

The combination of soothing massage and in-depth effect of heated massage stones relieves tension, stimulates the lymphatic flow and has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Partial massage (back, 30min): 39,00 €

Full body massage (60min): 69,00 €



Pantai Luar - herbal stamp massage

This Indonesian massage with hot cloth temples literally takes people to the translation "to new shores". Oils and herbs at Patai Luar ensure intensive cleansing and care of the skin. The cell renewal is stimulated, the connective tissue strengthened and the skin tightened. With skilful massage and heat, the blood circulation is stimulated and the muscles relaxed.

Partial massage (back, 30min): 45,00 €

Full body massage (60min): 79,00 €



chocolate massage

Melted chocolate is massaged in a gentle, pampering way. The specially applied massage technique provides pleasant warmth, peace, security and stimulates the joy of life. Positive side effect ... zero calories and still happy!

Partial massage (back, 20min): 29,00 €

facial massage
The application relieves tension and helps counteract small wrinkles. In addition to the soothing effect, the blood circulation is stimulated and produces a beautiful complexion.

20 minutes: 20,00 €






Hand or foot massage
The hand massage stimulates, among other things, the reflex zones of the hands, which has a relaxing effect on the entire body. The foot massage has a lasting positive effect on the entire body. It relaxes the muscles, helps with joint pain and strengthens the immune system.

20 minutes: 20,00 €

Cleopatra foot massage
Milk oil foot bath and foot massage

30 minutes: 29,00 €


Finnish salt peeling
The combination of warm oil and cool salt creates a mixture of exfoliation and purification. The effect is a noticeably smoother, soft, streamlined and cleansed skin. A final sauna session supports the detoxifying and exuding effect of the salt.

Exfoliation (upper body & arms, 20min): 29,00 €




Balinese pijat massage
The whole body treatment is a deep tissue massage. The mixture of deletion, stretching, kneading and pressing creates deep relaxation, has a revitalizing effect and promotes blood circulation.

60 minutes: 69,00 €


Wellness Massagen
Balm for Body and Soul

They release tension in the muscles, increase well-being, support metabolism, stimulate blood circulation and activate self-healing powers.